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Where the God of Wind dwells and blesses the one who seek blessings to be his deities like one among the deities of mountain, forest and streams that stops your breath momentarily to take you to trance or Nirvana and you have already through alpha, beta and gamma state of your mind. This is where on can find ultimate Nirvana (the state of perfect blessedness). The wind whisper poetry everywhere and all you need is to listen. The weather soothes you always and all you need is to give yourself. The panoramic view tells you stories and all you need is to open your eyes. Ramakkal has arrived for you and all you need is to embrace to be VIVID.

Blessed by the serenity, seclusion, accessibility and the beauty of God’s Own Country, and just natural everywhere and everything. Wind Haven resorts offers unique holiday option that is difficult to match. You will experience complete modern amenities blended with traditional architecture to satisfy all type of holiday makers to give ultimate satisfaction and value for your time.

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    Air-conditioned Single / Double / Suite Rooms
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Place to visit from WindHaven
Periyar is a protected area, and a Project Tiger nature reserve in the South Indian State of Kerala, set high in the mountains of the Western Ghats at the border to Tamil Nadu. It lies in the districts of Idukki and Pathanamthitta.

WindHaven Resort Tour Packages: Tourist Attractions
Ramakkal the newly discovered hill station of Kerala, the God’s Own Country, is located in the spice district called Idukki in Kerala, India.

Ramakkal-is the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and located centrally between the famous tourist attractions of kerala such as Periyar Tiger Forest of Tekkady, Munnar hill station, Kuttikanam and Parunthumpara and many more wild life attractions and spice farms.

Ramakkal-is approximately 45kilometres from Tekkady and 77 kilometers from Munnar. The nearest airport is Kochi (Cochin) international airport and all major air lines have services to this air port, the distance is about 190 kilometers. The nearest Railway station is Kottayam and is just about 140 kilometers away. The famous Kumarakam tourist spot is just 157 kilometers and the beautiful back water cruise and the beaches of Alleppuzha is about 185 kilometrs.

Ram is the name of Hindu God and he is the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kal is a Malayalam(the language of Kerala) word for rock and Medu means land with hills and rocks. The locals believes that Lord Ram was in this place when he was searching his wife Sita who was abducted by Ravan the king of Lanka as illustrated in Ramayan. Lord Ram had set his foot on the tallest rock to search Sita and the rock was named as RAMAKKAL and the place was later named as Ramakkal.

Ramakkal gives a very large view of about seven small townships and adjoining fields surrounded by mountains in Tamil Nadu.

The Sun rises on the eastern hills and sets at the western mountains and the beauty of sunrise and sunset through the mountains surrounded by green forest is an unique view that can be experienced only at Ramakkal.
At night the view of the townships gives you a feeling that there is festival of lights in the forest. The place is a safe haven for a number of birds that will put you asleep in the night with their beautiful songs and their chirping songs will wake you up in the morning to start a beautiful day at Ramakkal.

A few small wild animals are seen occasionally at the hills and a large number of harmless wild animals can be seen in the trekking routes of Ramakkal.
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