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Indrajith – A Slow and Steady Success

Expectations will be always high when a person from a filmy background appears on-screen, especially, if he is the son of a renowned actor. Luckily, Indrajith has never disappointed the movie industry as he had always tried to bring out his best performance, without degrading his father 'Sukumaran's' name.

Indrajith is born to actor Sukumaran and actress Mallika Sukumaran in February 20, 1975. His brother 'Prithviraj' is one of the busiest actors of M'town. Indrajith is married to actress 'Poornima' in 2002. They have two daughters – Prarthana and Nakshatra. Poornima was a Malayalam movie actress. She later turned into Television anchor and now is busy with her boutique 'Prana' at Panampally Nagar, Kochi.

Though Indrajith had his movie entry with the director Vinayan, his first appearance was as a child artist in 'Padayani', which got released in 1986. 'Padayani' was a multi-starred movie, which saw Sukumaran, Mammootty, Mohanlal, Adoor Bhasi, Devan etc on lead. Interestingly, Indrajith did the Younger version of the character 'Ramesh' done by Mohanalal.

Like many actors of the Malayalam movie industry, Indrajith didn't have a hero role in his debut movie. Directed by Vinayan, 'Oomapenninu Uriyadappayyan' saw the performance of two new faces – Indrajith and Jayasurya. Both are now the busiest actors of Mollywood. The movie happened in 2002 and 'Indrajith' as 'Shyama Gopal Varma', the villain was well noticed. In its Tamil remake too, Indrajith did the same role.

The Lal Jose movie 'Meesamadhavan' was one of the ever hit movie in the careers of both Dileep and Indrajith. Who can forget the arrogant and crooked police officer, 'Eapen Pappachi' in the movie. Indrajith had a fabulous performance as 'Eapen Pappachi'. The police officer role of 'Indrajith' had a start here. He later appeared in the same 'Khakhi' in the movies like Runway, Finger Print, Police, Ben Johnson, Achanurangatha Veedu and Chekavar.

In 2003, Indrajith appeared in side roles in the movies like Pattalam, Mizhi Randilum and Mullavalliyum Thenmaavum. He had different get up in these three movies. While he appeared as a military officer in 'Pattalam', he lured the audience with his freaky performance in Mullavalliyum Thenmavum. Those who have watched 'Mizhi Randilum' can never forget Dr. Arun, the lost love of Bhadra, done by Kavya Madhavan.

Till the release of 'Deepangal Saakshi', Indrajith was always cast along with other prominent actors. The 2004 movies like Runway and Vesham and 2005 movies like Finger Print and Police are examples of this fact. In 'Police' he was lucky to share the screen with his brother Prithviraj. Later they became one of the lucky co-stars appearing in the movies like Achanurangatha Veedu, Classmates, Oruvan, Nammal Thammil, City of God, Veettilekulla Vazhi, Bachelor Party, Akashathinte Niram etc. 'Deepangal Sakshi' was released in 2005 and was directed by K B Nadhu. Navya Nair paired with Indrajith in this movie.

The 2006 release 'Classmates' was one of the milestones in the career of Indrajith. This movie proved that, he can also handle comedy roles easily. His role 'Pius George' made the audience burst into laughter. 'Classmates' was the movie, which became a turning point in the career of actors, who became a part of this movie. The chemistry between Prithviraj, Indrajith, Jayasurya and Narain were well acclaimed.

After 2006, Indrajith had a tremendous change in his career. He didn't typecasted himself. He appeared as a hero, did comedy roles, villain roles, character roles etc. In Chotta Mumbai, Happy Husbands, Elsamma Enna Aankutty, his humour sense worked well. He also tried his luck in action roles too. Nayakan, Karmayogi, Chekavar etc were the movies, which explored the action hero in Indrajith. Along with these commercial pictures, Indrajith didn't forget to be part of classic works like Veettilekkulla Vazhi, City of God, Akashathinte Niram etc.

Every actor will be getting a master piece role for which he will ever be remembered. 'Father Vincent Vattoli' done by Indrajith in the movie 'Amen' was one such role. Amen was a romantic musical sattire directed by Lijo Jose Pallissery. The movie was a box office hit of 2013, which saw Fahadh Faasil, Indrajith, Swathy Reddy etc on lead.

Apart from Malayalam movies, Indrajith made his presence in other languages too. His Tamil movies are En Mana Vanil and Sarvam. 'Kavya's Diary' was the Telugu movie in which he enacted. Indrajith was also being part of Hindi and English movies – The Waiting Room and Before the Rains respectively. Indrajith is not only an actor, but a good singer too. He had rendered his voice in the movies like Mullavalliyum Thenmavum, Chekavar, Happy Husbands, Nayakan, Arikil Oraal and Angels.

Indrajith is an actor who gets transformed into any character, which comes on his way. He is not a person, who wants to carry stardom with him. Apart from all, he is a family man, who loves to be with his family; a travel buff, who is in love with travelling. He is now busy with his upcoming projects like Amar Akbar Antony, Double Barrel and Adoorum Thoppilum Allandoru Bhasiyum.

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