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INCREDIBLE attachment between animals-let it be much evolved or primitive-plants and human beings is the rule of nature. The strong desire of man to have a self reliant peaceful living atmosphere before him to soothe his turbulent soul must have led to the concept of AQUARIUMS. What else can bring happiness and solace to the environ of a home than the ever-moving, lovely, colorful little creatures like fishes. Chinese and Japanese were the first to realize it. Fishes were kept as ornamental additions to the AESTHETIC surroundings, particularly as pool fishes as opposed to indoor aquarium fishes. There was a steady stream of fish keeping henceforth with the spread of the goldfish first into Holland and then into Germany. Egyptians held fishes in high regard, even certain species were worshipped as deity. Now, we are also much exposed to the world of ornamental fish keeping.

MARVEL AQUA SYSTEMS (MAS) Established in 1986 by a Fisheries Professional, are manufactures of ornamental fish food and medicines, producers of different hybrids and breeders of otherwise tough species, have now to their credit an array of CONCEPT aquariums suitable for homes, shops, offices, hospitals, hotels, showrooms and any other place where humans can accommodate an aquarium. MAS manufactures your aqua system cabinetry to match your own interior decor. You can be assured of the finestARTISTIC flavor in each of our installations.

Marine Aquariums, Wall Aquariums, Pedestal Aquariums, Planted Aquariums, Plasma Aquariums, Partition Aquariums, Fish Spa, Public Aquariums.

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